Stop Killing Your Best Work: my Ignite London talk

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at Ignite London 2, a community event where 18 people speak for exactly 5 minutes, with auto-advancing slides. It was part of Global Ignite Week, made up of 65 similar events in cities around the world. I had a blast: great crowd, excellent talks.

My talk was called “Stop Killing Your Best Work”, inspired by the work of Seth Godin (specifically his masterpiece Linchpin), David Allen, and Merlin Mann. Here’s the video:

Stop Killing Your Best Work by Jonathan Kahn from hurryonhome on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “Stop Killing Your Best Work: my Ignite London talk”

  1. Just come across this Jonathan, superb stuff!

    Got to say that this phenomenon effects me from time to time, and equally frustrates me when I see it in colleagues who tow the line with implementing poor strategic decisions without sufficient challenge.

    I guess they’re trying to keep their heads down (boo) but as you say, this is the sure way to make yourself irrelevant. As in-house web people we’re often in the weird position of being experts in what needs to happen, but without the perceived seniority to get things done.

    The way I see it, if we aren’t ruffling a few feathers and causing a healthy amount of conflict, we aren’t doing our jobs at all.

  2. Thanks Ian, really glad you liked it.

    I agree that causing a bit of conflict is part of the job. And you’re spot on that perceived seniority is the problem; that perception comes as much from ourselves as from our imagined persecutors. (E.g. the classic excuse, “my boss won’t let me,” is the voice of the resistance.) If we can explain and advocate for change, what does our formal job title matter?

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