Web Culture is Antifragile (video & transcript)

Web Culture is Antifragile from Together London on Vimeo.

Video transcript

Web culture is antifragile, which means as it hits more problems and changes it gets stronger. Things that last on the web are things that can adapt and learn from disorder and disruption and chaos. And so, you have things like the domain name system or the actual web server system where no single point could actually fail and bring the whole thing down.
The same is true of our culture, the way that we talk to each other, the way that we share what we know, the way that we value relationships over transactions.

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Digital Governance Fails Because We’re Afraid of Cultural Change

This is an essay version of my presentation at Confab Minneapolis in June 2013 (slide deck).

We try to implement governance to make our content strategies stick, and it doesn’t work. Writers don’t follow our voice guidelines, marketers ignore our message architectures, developers create apps without considering content. We’re doing great content strategy work, so why isn’t it taking hold in our organizations? We’re trying to leapfrog over the hard part: changing culture. Governance can sustain culture but it can’t change it—and the change we need is broader than content strategy, incorporating practices we know little about. Content strategy is just one piece of digital transformation.

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