Webinars: agile content and people skills

I distilled what I’ve learned organising #dareconf, the London Agile Content Meetup, and face-to-face workshops into two 90-minute live webinars on agile content and people skills. You can attend online in July (details below). Update: you can now watch a 3-minute taster video and buy the recording for £90.

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Agile content webinar

Tuesday 15 July at 04:00 PM BST (view in your timezone)

For designers, developers, writers, product managers, and delivery managers

It’s challenging to create digital content that meets user needs. Stakeholders from across the business need to be involved and they aren’t used to working together. Traditional organisations are divided into departments (marketing, customer service, sales, etc) who tend to “own” content. As a result we often see many disconnected websites, a lack of standards, and a disjointed customer experience.

Learn how organisations like the Government Digital Service have moved from this divided model into a collaborative, agile model where departments share responsibility for content. This results in digital services that meet user needs while reducing waste for the business. In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • overcome the barriers that cause your group to try to “own” content
  • use content design tools to facilitate collaboration across disciplines (including a case study from MailChimp)
  • integrate content design into an agile working environment by following the lead of the Government Digital Service and Facebook
  • start a pilot project to inspire your colleagues to collaborate on content

Watch 3-minute taster and buy recording (£90)

People skills webinar

Wednesday 16 July at 04:00PM BST (view in your timezone)

For product managers, designers, developers, researchers, and delivery managers

Does your team find collaboration difficult? Do you struggle to get “buy-in” for your ideas? Do you find it difficult to empathise with colleagues? You’re not alone.

Imagine a world where you can change “difficult” conversations into productive relationships. Where you feel confident about your contribution without fear of judgement. Where your work aligns with your values. In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • understand feelings of anger and resentment—in yourself and others—by discovering the unmet needs that cause them
  • develop empathy for colleagues and customers
  • turn conflict—and awkward conversations—into collaboration using listening techniques
  • lead diverse teams—whatever your job title—by identifying your unique contribution