Announcing agile content conf

I’m excited to announce a new event: agile content conf is about using agile methods to work together on content.


Since 2011 Richard Ingram and I have organised a meetup group for people who work with digital content, now named London Agile Content Meetup. Our 1600 members come from diverse organisations and backgrounds, from journalism to product management. Among the variety we noticed a theme: everyone needs new approaches to content, and everyone wants to talk about agile.

We’re organising agile content conf to meet that need:

We all want clear content, smooth approval processes, and ongoing care after publication. Although strategies and standards help, it’s still difficult to keep content on track. Why? Because our organisations are accustomed to linear workflows where publication is the final step.

Agile can help to bring content into the digital age. Originally used in product development, agile methods rely on teamwork across disciplines, building prototypes at speed, and continuous testing with users. Applying these principles to content can help you:

  • ensure that content meets user needs
  • assemble teams with joint responsibility for digital services
  • integrate continuous feedback into content development

Read the details and register by 15 September to save 50%. See you there!