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New training courses: transform work relationships into partnerships, lead a group into shared power

I’m excited to announce two new training courses under the #dareconf banner:

For the last 18 months I’ve been offering evening courses on techniques that encourage a mindset of abundance—eg, active listening and peer coaching. (If you’re interested you can read the story of how they came about.)

Based on what I’ve learned from running these courses, I’m now offering daytime courses with the intention that employers will pay for them. They each consist of 4 weekly sessions of 2½ hours in central London. Registration closes on 7 April.

You can read an introduction below or view full details on the #dareconf site.

1. Go beyond either-or to transform work relationships into partnerships

Success at work depends on the quality of our relationships. But so many of our relationships are fraught with tension and an undertone of conflict. Without realising it we play out stereotypes—victim, saviour, oppressor—because our habitual way of interacting assumes scarcity.

In the scarcity mindset, there are only two ways to deal with difference: domination, where one side gets what it wants, and compromise, where neither side gets what it wants. But if we change posture to the abundance mindset, we can find a third way that integrates the needs of both parties and serves the whole. Then we can maintain relationships with trust and mutual respect.

In this four week course led by Jonathan Kahn you’ll learn how to go beyond either-or and transform work relationships into partnerships. Through practical exercises you’ll learn:

  • active listening, a technique for cultivating empathy through listening and reflecting back
  • coaching techniques that will allow you to support colleagues to make choices—an alternative to trying to fix other people’s problems
  • how to adopt a mindset of abundance in your work relationships, building trust and mutual respect

Wednesdays 8:00am—10:30am, 4 sessions from 24 May 2017

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2. Lead a group into shared power by playing the role of facilitator

Organisations need leadership now more than ever. But the models of leadership that we’re familiar with don’t suit today’s challenges. “Strong” leadership is a codeword for domination, which stifles creativity and leads to decisions that people don’t support.

Instead of taking power over others, effective leaders use power with their teams. That means learning a new type of leadership, based on integrating different perspectives to find solutions that serve the whole. To do this we need to put our personal perspective aside and step into the role of facilitator, channelling the group spirit to help people to see their shared goals.

In this four week course led by Jonathan Kahn you’ll learn how to lead a group into shared power using facilitation skills. Through practical exercises you’ll learn how to:

  • put your personal perspective aside and channel the group spirit
  • support groups to hear each other fully to increase trust and understanding
  • encourage people to stretch beyond their preferences in order to make decisions that everyone is willing to support

Tuesdays 4:00pm—6:30pm, 4 sessions from 23 May 2017

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