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Appeals to “fairness” divide people because they don’t accept difference

Convergent Facilitation is a decision-making framework created by Miki Kashtan that allows groups to find break-through solutions to problems that previously seemed unsolvable. This post is part of a series documenting my learnings and reflections from attending Miki’s training on this framework.

During the training, Miki demonstrated Convergent Facilitation (CF) with a scenario: we played the role of employees of an organisation which has offices on two coasts. We were split equally between the two offices, and we were meeting to decide the location of our next conference.

Miki started by asking for an opinion on the location of the conference. The first person to answer said that it would be fair to hold the conference to be on the West coast, because it was on the East coast last year. At this point Miki paused the role-play to drop some wisdom: beware fairness, justice, and equality. It’s almost impossible for fairness to be noncontroversial, so we need to find an “essence” that doesn’t mention fairness. Continue reading Appeals to “fairness” divide people because they don’t accept difference